Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread

It is a common knowledge that there is a high percentage that you might have conflict with your flatmates. And sadly, for the span of three months, I already experienced these stressful conflicts. Conflict is an unavoidable part of life. Conflict is normal. But if conflict is becoming part of your everyday shenanigans, you must do something. We all deserve a drama free and stress free life.

Last night when I was in the peak of my emotion, I told Hubhub that all of these conflicts will not happen if I only did not try to have new friends. Because I wanna have Filipino friends here in Finland, I thought it will be easier for us to have a Filipino housemate. At least we will be comfortable with each other. But you know this “being too comfortable with each other” is the main ingredient for trouble.

V: If only I did not wish to have friends here.
S: You don’t need to. You have your best friend here – me.

After that, everything is a-okay already. Yeah, no need for additional friends. I got the very best friend here in Finland. And because he is the best, I baked a cinnamon apple pie bread for him.

Apple is so cheap here in Finland (50 cents to 1 eu for 1 kg). So I guess, you’ll understand why I bombarded my Pinterest account with apple recipes.


Smells heavenly!


Hubhub gave me one slice and he ate the rest.

When I saw this recipe I know it will be easy for me to do it because no need to make a pie crust. Not that I don’t wanna make a pie crust, I just don’t have a rolling pin at the moment. Hubhub is so happy with this bread. He said “this is really really good” in every bite. And I am happy that my best friend is happy.

Check the recipe here.


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