Let’s Watch The Sunset

Now I can safely say that Winter is over. There’s no snow anymore and the sun is already shining. We live near the sea and we can see from our window the colorful sky when the sun sets.

Reflection of the sunset

Reflection of the sunset

Watching sunset is becoming our thing. Hubhub always ask me if I wanna go out and watch the sunset. It’s sweet because he always ask me that even I know that he doesn’t want to go out anymore  because he wants to kills some zombies in PS4 after he came home from work. But he always asks because he know that watching sunset with him makes me happy.

Watching sunset is fun when I am with you.

Watching sunset is fun when I am with you.


Every time I see sunset, I feel calm and hopeful – another day is about to end and hoping for a beautiful beginning tomorrow. I feel calm because I know it’s God’s way to let us know that there’s a beauty in every ending.

The wind is still chilly. There’s some part of the sea that is still frozen. After couple of minutes outside, our face and nose turns red.

Frozen part of the sea

Frozen part of the sea

OOTD shot :p

OOTD shot :p

We feel so cold and decided to go back home. I cooked some soup and we talked about what we gonna do on Summer. Spring just started and Hubhub is already excited for Summer. Me? I am just excited for more sunsets to watch.


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