WPC: Future

This week’s photo challenge theme is Future

Suomen Mestari

I saw someone asked in a facebook group how long will it take for him to learn Finnish. And the first one who responded said “Forever.” I know it was a joke but just like what they always say, jokes are half meant but they say that it depends on the people how long he will learn Finnish.

Learning another language is a bucket list for other people. But for me, it is not just a bucket list. It is a must. Every foreigner that lives in Finland must learn the language especially almost all of the job openings requires you to speak Finnish.

So here I am, learning the language. It is my second week in my language course, and boy it makes me so crazy! There is no day that I don’t have a big question mark in my head. Learning Finnish four hours and thirty minutes every day makes me crazy. Yes, I used the word crazy again because I don’t know how to describe it.

But at least I already know the basics. For the span of two weeks, I already got answers to some of my questions. What is the use of ä and ö. Why other words became this and the other words became that. Why words have -ssa/ssä at the end and other words have -lla/llä. Why other people says “minä olen” and others say “mä oon”. And of course, I also got the answer to my first question when I moved here – Why Philippines became “Filippiinit”.

To my surprise, I find learning Finnish fun. Maybe because our class is fun. I can proudly say that we are making some small jokes using Finnish and we can all laugh about it. At first I thought I will not learn anything in the class because the teacher speaks Finnish. As in everything is alien for me. But they said that learning Finnish while the teacher speaks only Finnish will make us learn faster and I can attest that it is true. But I wish I can learn how to properly pronounce the front vowels (ä, ö, y).

If I am going to think of it, the class is kinda funny. We are like kids that is learning how to talk and read – kindergarten level. Learning the alphabet, learning how to count, learning the colors, reading in a repeat-after- the-teacher way, flashcards with pictures, talking and “playing” with other students and so on. It is funny in a way but it is super effective.

I can see that this is my Future – a Filipino girl speaking Finnish. I am claiming it. I must claim it.

Minun nimeni on Vanessa. Minä olen filippiiniläinen. Minä olen kotoisin Filippiineiltä. Hauska tutustua!


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