Pizza is Everything

Last weekend, I made my own pizza – from dough to sauce to ingredients. It’s my first time to make pizza dough, and oh boy, my kitchen is a mess while I am doing it, especially when I am kneading the dough. It seems that I can’t perfect it, either it is too sticky or too firm so I kept on adjusting the flour content. But in the end I find my way to make a not-so-perfect pizza but just like what they said, not-so-perfect pizza is better than no pizza at all.

I made a lot of pizza sauce and I do not want it to go to waste so I look for some recipes that I can use my pizza sauce left over. I found this portabello mushroom pizza with bacon and I thought, why not try, right?



And it was so good! I usually cook stuffed mushroom so this is not so special to Hubster but for me it was (mainly because my left over sauce did not ho to waste).

And I also tried to make french bread pizza.


I am so happy with the outcome. The hubster is the happiest to the point that he self declare Friday is pizza day for us. I guess I will be busy making pizzas then.

Today is Friday so it means it’s pizza day!

I am happy that I can do the dough easily now. No more kitchen mess.

I need to put more cheese next time and know how to properly put the ingredients. But I am happy with the outcome. Till next Friday pizza day!


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