No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

I have always been wanting to try to make cheesecake. But I always get intimidated by the looks of cheesecakes I see in coffee shops or pastry shops. Second thing, I did not know how cream cheese is called here in Finland. I tried to google translate it but it says cream cheese is kermajussto which when you look for it in the shop, is like the normal cheese that you can put it your sandwich. There is philadelphia cream cheese here but I was meaning to buy block of cream cheese. What we have here is something like cream cheese spread.

When my classmate in language school posted in facebook a picture of cheesecake she made, I asked her what cheese she used and she said she used mascarpone. So I decided to buy mascarpone and finally try making cream cheese. On my way to the grocery store, I tried to search in Finland forum about cream cheese, thinking maybe there is also some foreigners here that has the same problem. So there, I found out that I should look for tuorejuusto in the dairy section. I bought the house brand K-Menu tourejuusto.

Since we have a lot of blueberries in the fridge, I decided to make blueberry cheesecake. Everyone who lives in Finland can relate when I say we have a lot of blueberries because summer in Finland means unlimited berries which you can easily pick in the forest.

So here is the final product. I am so proud of the outcome of my cheesecake. I will be proudly share this to anyone because this time I am confident of how good it was.

My first cheesecake

My first cheesecake


The hubster cannot wait to try it. He really sliced the cake even I am not finished taking picture of it. :p



I ate one slice and the hubster ate, I think 4 slices. :p This is what is left after we ate.


The crust is not perfect and it crumbles. But it is still perfect for me, specially to my Hubster.

Another reason I did not make cheesecake from the start is I always don’t finish it when I order in some shop. I always get sated. But surprisingly, I finished one big slice of this. Love your own, eh? But seriously, maybe it is because of the sweetness of the cake.

Honestly, I did not follow the recipe that I saw in Pinterest. I lessen the sugar that was said in the recipe. I also lessen the cream cheese and whipping cream. The recipe said whip the cream cheese and whipping cream separately and fold them together but since I opted for easier and faster way, I whipped them together. I used Marie biscuit because we don’t have graham here. I put less sugar in the crust. Everything is perfect for me except for the less butter I put in the crust. Maybe it crumbles easily because I did not put enough butter so they will hold together.

The next morning, I ate one slice again and the hubster ate two slices. And he ate another slice in the afternoon. The next day, he was giving tantrums because we only have one slice left and he said he want to eat more. It is so funny because every spoonful he ate, he kept on saying I am making him fat and this cake will surely make him super fat but he just can’t stop eating.

I am so happy, indeed. Maybe next time I will also try to do the bake cheese cake.


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